Onbeat-X1 Bluetooth Speaker

200 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Stick it on !  
The Onbeat-X1 by Divoom is a portable,
high-quality Bluetooth speaker which
allows you to stream your music
wireless to the device.
It works with any smartphone, iPhone, iPad
or notebook and all devices
enabled with Bluetooth.
The special feature of this device is
that it can be easily and freely sticked
on the back of a smartphone or on
any other smooth surface.
In the bathroom, in the car, in the office,
on almost any surface the Onbeat-X1
can find its footing.
Non-Bluetooth enabled devices can be easily
connected via the jack of the Onbeat X1.
But that's not all: The Onbeat X1 is also a
real Gaming Speaker.
Its Vibration bass brings you more exciting
and alive game experience.
The device adheres to any smartphone or
tablet PC and other slick surfaces.
Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers
up to 8 hours of music playback.
Regardless of its size, the Onbeat X1 offers
an incomparable sound and scores
with high functionality.
It works with the latest Bluetooth technology
and can play music both wired and wireless.